Welcome to the Ausluger-Farm

Natural. Good. Regional.
"Knowing where our food comes from" is a good feeling we would like to share with you. With passion and joy for our animals and our agriculture, we have made it our mission to offer our customers a variety of natural products. Under the "Roter Hahn" seal of quality, products from 100% regional production are created on our farm.

GMO-free eggs from happy free-range chickens
Visit our farm store, it is open to all
We are also happy to deliver free of charge by arrangement
Guaranteed and tested quality from South Tyrol
Free-range eggs

Delightfully scratching in the sand, enjoying the large open spaces in the orchards, and searching for worms and bugs to their heart's content. This is what a chicken's life looks like with us at Auslugerhof.
And this is also reflected in the quality of our free-range eggs.
In addition to the practical 6-egg cartons, which can be purchased at the various sales points, we offer our bulk buyers packages with 144 or 188 eggs as well as 30-egg trays, which contain also different egg sizes.

No matter which quantity you ultimately choose, we always guarantee the same fresh, GMO-free free-range eggs from our valuable laying hen stock.

Our farm shop

The new store, heart of our farm, restored with love and carefully integrated in the original 12th century walls of the house, reminds of the special flair and historical background of the farm.

In the farm store you will find, in addition to our free-range eggs, many other products that have been produced and processed on our farm. These may vary seasonally.

Our product range includes
- Meat packages from the farm's own veal and pork
- Potatoes
- Bacon from the farm's own free-range pig
- Pasta from our own grain and fresh free-range eggs
- Different kinds of homemade syrup
- Spelt and rye, whole or as flour
- Various jams from the farm's own fruits

Our offer is completed with:
- Cheese and dairy products from Hochgruberhof in Mühlwald 
- Herbs and teas from the Pflegerhof in Kastelruth 

In addition to the groceries offered daily, we also occasionally offer homemade bread from our own cultivated rye and spelt.
Our self-service farm store is open 7 days a week, from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM. We are looking forward to your visit.

The farmer's work is most cheerful
and full of hope
"Martin Luther"